All About Arex

Mediterranean cuisine refers to the whole range of traditional dishes and cooking methods found all around the Mediterranean basin. It’s rich in veggies, fruits, legumes, herbs, spices, nuts, and whole grains such as wheat or barley breads —as opposed to refined counterparts.

Simply put, Mediterranean food comes from all of the countries and regions that surround the Mediterranean Sea. Today, 23 countries are classed as Mediterranean countries. All bring a unique range of flavors and techniques to Mediterranean cuisine.

Mediterranean food is full of fresh vegetables, tender meats, and a wide range of tastes. Experts however have defined three core ingredients that all the different regions have essentially built their cuisines on olives, wheat, and grapes.

Mediterranean food is much more than Italian food and olive oil. There’s an incredible number of countries that influence it. For people of the Mediterranean, food is their culture, passion, and way of life.

The Arex Restaurant is a family-owned restaurant, serving Mediterranean cuisine in Iran since 1971. Our chefs take great pride in creating everything the old-fashioned way – from scratch! Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner for two, a night out with the family, or a quick bite on your lunch break, The Arex Restaurant is the place to dine in Iran.

Restaurant Facilities

  • Possibility of reservation

  • Smoking : Allowed

  • Price level : Economical

  • Parking place : Easy

  • Parking place : Easy

  • Access to vehicles : Has it

  • Service charge : Does not have

  • Service charge : Does not have

  • Value added tax : Does not have

  • Get out : Does not have

  • Capacity : 270

  • Proximity to shopping centers : Has it